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B-25 - Devil Dog



The Devil Dog Squadron is a volunteer organization of the CAF, dedicated to flying, maintaining and preserving a WWII B-25 bomber, the Devil Dog. The Devil Dog represents a PBJ, the Marine Corps version of a B-25.

The squadron's volunteers come from all walks of life and have wide variety of backgrounds. It takes many different skills to make the group successful.

Not many people know that the US Marine Corps flew bombers in WWII. One of the missions of the Devil Dog Squadron is to keep that piece of history alive.

PBJs came about by chance. In 1943, North American, the B-25's manufacturer, produced more B-25s than the Army Air Corp could use. Approximately 800 of the airplanes were offered to the US Navy. Although the famous Doolittle Raid was a successful carrier launched formation of B-25s, the Navy had little use for the extra airplanes. They were too large for regular carrier duty.

he Marines designated the B-25s "PBJ". PB indicates Patrol Bomber and the J is an alpha-code designating the manufacturer, North American Aviation (PBJ does not mean Peanut Butter and Jelly).

A one in a life time thrill is to ride in the B-25 and the crew will be offering plane rides at a cost of $425 the day of the air show or you can pre-pay and only pay $395 by visiting their website at ----- Call in advance to KJAS Radio in Jasper, Texas 409-384-2626 or Debbie Foster, Coordinator, 409-489-8447 to make your reservation or for more information


Jason Newburg & VIPER Team


Jason Newburg is an extreme aerobatic pilot who loves to share his high energy performances with airshows audiences around the country. He keeps Viper spectators on the edge of their seats and leaves them begging for more. Inspired by his father, Jason had his first solo flight at 16 and by 17, he earned his pilot license. Having started so young, Jason finds it very important to be a leader to the youth who share an interest in aviation and aerobatics. He has acted as Vice President for the Embry-Riddle Sport Aviation Club for many years.

After receiving his FAA Aircraft Mechanic license (A+P) with his FAA Inspection Authorization, Jason formed his own company in Dallas, Texas. He modifies and maintains aircraft using the skills that were instrumental in the creation of the Viper.

Jason has been granted by the FAA and ICAS as unlimited, unrestricted airshow authorization. He has competed en a number id events, and has competed at the advanced level since 2003. In 2006, Viper took his talent to Sweden to compete in the Advanced Aerobatic World Championship. He has also competed in the Reno Air Races, and in 2012 he competed in the Lonestar Aerobatic Championship and earned himself the title of Lonestar Unlimited Champion.



Greg Kountz & The Alabama Boys



Up front and down low high-performance aerobatics, that's what Greg Koontz brings in the latest flagship from American Champion. The Xtreme Decathlon in Greg's experienced hands is a breathtaking thrill ride that will have your crowd on their feet. Greg brings the action in the air to the crowd with live commentary from the cockpit as he pushes the Xtreme D to the limits with incredible acro and even an inverted ribbon cut.

The Alabama Boys / World's Smallest Airport Comedy Act

Simply the best in family entertainment! A simple, overall-clad farmer from Estaboga, Alabama, all Clem Cleaver wants is to redeem his free flight lesson he won at an airshow ten years ago. He nags the airshow announcer, and makes life miserable for him and the airshow crew. Clem eventually convinces the announcer to let him go out and fly with an instructor during a break, and chaos ensues when he takes off in a Piper Cub - without the instructor! Ace pilot Greg Koontz plays the role of Clem, and hair raising comedy is his specialty when he and the Alabama boys give the audience a thousand and one laughs. The Cub seemingly flounders out of control through the air, Clem wailing the entire time. The scene comes to an exciting conclusion as Clem eventually lands - on a moving truck!


Patrick McAlee - Blue Demon


Patrick grew up in St. Louis Missouri and is currently residing in Chicago, Ill.  He credits his father and uncle, both commercial Airline Pilots, for inspiring him to fly.

When Patrick was five years old, his father flew him to The EAA AirVenture Fly-in at OshKosh. That is when he met with and was inspired by airshow mogul Sean D. Tucker. Over the years he and his father continued to Fly and Pat continued to log hours in every single plane he could get his hands on. By the age of 12 Patrick knew he wanted to become a professional pilot

  • At the age of 16 he was saving for his first plane.
  • He received his pilot’s license at the age of 17 and continued to build time for his commercial rating.
  • At the age of 18 he received his commercial and flight instructor rating.
  • At the age of 23, Pat received his A&P License and was hired on by Republic Airlines.
  • Patrick was upgraded to Captain within a few years on the EMB-145
  • In 2013, Patrick became a Captain on the EMB-170/175
  • Patrick has been with Republic Airline for the past 14 years and has been happy ever since.

While working at the Airline, Patrick enrolled at the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety Sean D Tucker and started competing in aerobatics. Soon after, Patrick transitioned his high energy routine to airshows. Patrick was blessed to be mentored by many top airshow pilots within the industry and felt like he could merge his love for flight to the maximum level.  For five years Patrick continued to compete and worked hard; placing top-ten in the nation each and every time. Currently, Patrick is both a professional airline pilot and airshow pilot. He promotes the art of flight every chance he gets and strives to be the best entertainer and performer for past and future generations. 

Tora Tora Tora





TORA TORA TORA is a re-creation of the December 7th 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. It's accomplished through hundreds of dedicated volunteers -- most belonging to the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) working as ground crew, maintenance, pilots and pyrotechnic experts. The purpose is to create a dynamic history lesson about the event that propelled us into World War II .....and entertain.

TORA's re-creation is usually the feature performance at organized air shows. It involves many Japanese fighters and bombers simulating the Pearl Harbor attack. In addition, TORA provides breathtaking smoke, fire and explosions from the pyrotechnics team. A professional announcer explains the purpose, history and performance to the crowd.



Al Saylor & The Re/Max Skydiving Team




Soaring through the clouds, the RE/MAX® Skydiving Team is a show-stopping start that leaves crowds wide-eyed and breathless. The jump team will "officially" open the Airshow with an artistic multi-jumper parachute leap over the airfield.  The team is lead by Skydiving Veteran Al Saylor.

Stan Musick - FG-ID Corsair



Dr. Stanley Musick of Ridgeland, Mississippi has a fever, but it's not the typical illness that he treats in his patients. Dr. Musick has a fever for aviation, and he says he got it at the age of 12 when he had his first flight in a Bonanza.

Stan had to wait 5 years before he was in an airplane again, but it was well worth the wait. At the age of 17, he was working and saving up his money while taking flying lessons. Stan made his first solo flight, obtained his pilot license, graduated high school, had his 18th birthday, and bought his first airplane - all within 30 days!

Since that time, Stan has been fortunate to fly several of the world's top aircraft, including World War II fighter planes like the P-51 Mustang, the Seafury, and the F4U Corsair, and trainer planes like the Stearman and the T-6.

Musick can fly just about anything, he has the Airline Transport Certificate, the Certified Flight Instructor certificate, and the “All Makes and Models” endorsement for Experimental aircraft. He’s also experienced in flying helicopters and gliders.







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